A Commercial Real-Estate Investment Firm

Welcome to Redhorn Capital Partners

Redhorn Capital Partners has a deep-rooted heritage in Texas stemming from a family of four generations of business and real-estate entrepreneurs. After launching Getz Enterprises in the 1980s, the Getz Family has successfully built, operated, and acquired over a million square feet of real-estate in Houston and the surrounding areas. The arm of Redhorn Capital Partners was launched in order to further expand real-estate investment opportunities through private equity and real-estate funds.

Our Goal

To leverage our relationships and analytical strategies to strengthen our competitive advantage in real-estate. To offer a unique entrepreneurial and forward thinking approach.

Core Values

Lifelong Relationships
Straightforward Approach
Building Wealth with Integrity
Active Management

Our Focus

To protect our investor’s equity while maximizing their profits and minimizing their risks through cash flowing value-add real estate opportunities.

Recent Projects