A Commercial Real-Estate Investment Firm

The Heritage

Ori Getz, the founder and CEO of Redhorn Capital Partners comes from a long line of Texan entrepreneurs and real-estate professionals. Over the years, the Getz Family built a diversified real-estate portfolio as well as owned and operated many businesses including multiple passport studios, a sign company, a full-service file storage business, a international logistics and packaging operation and many more.

Through the opening of Redhorn Capital Partners, Ori has continued the entrepreneurial spirit by extending the family’s business to private equity and investment funds. He has successfully brought together a talented team in order to identify, acquire, and operate successful properties.

At Redhorn Capital Partners, our mission is to seek out and secure cash flowing value-add opportunities in order to generate great returns while reducing risk for our investors. Our experience has steered us to the self-storage and industrial sectors, where we can best leverage our relationships and analytical strategies to strengthen our competitive advantage in these markets. We are committed to growing our competitive advantage and sharing its benefits with our investors.